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Matcha Recipes

  • Vegan Matcha Mini Tarts

    These vegan matcha mini desserts are made with all "good-for-you" ingredients. They are very easy to make and are super delicious. This recipe will make 12 of them, you can easily freeze them too and enjoy later.
  • Pistachio-Matcha Ricotta Rolls

    I've learned how to make this dough back in Budapest and I've used it ever since. It can accommodate different ingredients as well and you can make them sweet or salty. Very soft dough, easy to work with it!! Ricotta cheese and pistachio is my old time favourite combo and it happens to go so well with matcha powder :)
  • White Chocolate-Matcha Blondies

    Talk about brownies?! You have to try blondies first! And if you do, you might as well make them white chocolate-matcha flavoured. In my opinion if you mix matcha and white chocolate you cannot go wrong with any recipe. They compliment each other just in a perfect way!
  • Blackberry-Matchamisu

    Matchamisu?? Yes.. instead of tiramisu, because the lady fingers are dipped into a matcha shot instead of coffee. It is so fresh and absolutely phenomenal paired with a blackberry layer.
  • Mediterranean Matcha - Quinoa Salad

    I am obsessed with the Mediterranean cuisine and I also happen to love quinoa salads and matcha. So, I made up a matcha dressing that was just the perfect addition to my salad. If you like figs, this will become your new favourite salad once you've tried! G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E-D..
  • Matcha Coconut Yogurt Bark

    These coconut yogurt barks as so easy and effortless to make. You can freeze them and have it as a quick snack or dessert after dinner. The toppings are optional and you can sub them with any dried fruits or nuts.
  • Matcha Salt

    Have you heard of Matcha salt before?! It can be used in so many ways; sprinkle it over popcorn, eggs, any salad, soup or use it as a dry rub for meat/fish/tofu. Easy to make and lasts for a while..