Blackberry-Matchamisu – Matcha Lifestyle


blackberry matchamisu
- 2 packs of lady fingers
- 200mL whipping cream
- 450g mascarpone
- 5 tbsp brown sugar
- 1/2 tbsp rum
- 1/2 tbsp bourbon vanilla
- 2 egg yolks
- 3 tsp Matcha Powder
- 1 cup warm water
- 1 cup frozen Blackberries
1. Use half of your lady fingers or as much as you need to create a wall in your ceramic dish.
2.Create a Matcha Americano by whisking the Matcha Powder well with warm water. (Under boiling)
3. Dip the other half of the lady fingers into it. Make sure they are not soaked for too long, otherwise, they come apart and lose their consistency.
4. Place one row of lady fingers into the ceramic dish. (depending on your form's size and shape, you likely will have to cute some into halves)
5. Create the fillings by using two mixing bowls. First, you mix all the mascarpone cheese, vanilla, rum, egg yolks, and sugar together. Then, you whisk the whipping cream by using an electric mixer and add it to the rest of the ingredients creating a smooth filling.
6. Wash the mixing bowl that had the whipping cream in it and use it to separate 2/3 of the filling.
7. Pour 1/3 of the filling and the blackberries into a Ninja (or any other blender) and voila, you have the blackberry filling as well.
8. Add half of the regular mascarpone on top of the 1st lady finger row.
9. Place the 2rd lady finger row on and add all the blackberry filling.
10. Refrigerate it for 10 minutes.
11. Pour all the remaining mascarpone filling on top of the blackberry one and sprinkle some Matcha Powder using a sieve.
12. Let it cool in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
13. Decorate it with your choice of berries and ENJOY! :)
blackberry matchamisu